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Bromo green wisata didirirkan oleh Bapak Anankbromo sejAk tahun 1991, awalnya NANKBROMO Tour and Travel. Biar orang mudah menghafalkannya, Sejak tahun 2008, Beliau melegalitaskan menjadi CV.BROMOGREENWISATA.


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Before we talk about the attractions of Mount Bromo, which is a natural conservation area of ​​Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, we should first discuss the origin of Mount Bromo. The word Bromo is actually taken from Sanskrit, Brahma which is the core God of Hindus. For tengger tribe (Bromo indigenous people), Bromo is a mountain that is considered sacred therefore every year every Tengger community holds a traditional ceremony called Yadnya Kasada or Kasodo. The ceremony is held at midnight to early morning of every full moon around the 14th or 15th of the month of Kasodo (tenth) according to Javanese calendar.

In the northern part of the Tengger mountains there is a very beautiful and interesting caldera with a diameter of 8-10 km, while the steep wall has a height between 200-700 m. The base of the tengger caldera is a sea of ​​sand covering 5290 ha, there are Mount Bromo (2392 m), Batok (2470m), Chairs (3392 m), Watangan (2601 m) and Widodaren mountain (2600 m). Interestingly again, Bromomer is one of the active volcanoes in East Java. The unique thing in every mountain in Indonesia including Bromo has a 4 - 5 year eruption cycle. The change of cycle will bring significant impact especially to the tourism actors.

Sightseeing Bromo many in interest by foreign and local tourists. The most frequent sight of tourists is the sunrise. For them this sunrise has its own charm. Not only that the sea of ​​sand also has a masculine side that is ready to seduce a number of tourists with sand desirannya. To go to the sea of ​​sand and Bromo tourists have to go through the village Cemorolawang.Rute to Cemorolawang is Probolinggo-Tongas-Sukapura-Ngadisari can be reached approximately 45 km by private car. Mount Bromo region they can camping enjoy the natural scenery while to get to the crater can be traveled by riding or walking up hundreds of stairs.

In addition there are many who can visit tourists who are still in Bromo area such as climbing Mount Semeru, B29 and Pundak Lembu.

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