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Probolinggo - Jawa Timur

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About Us

Bromo green tour was born by Mr. Anankbromo since 1991, originally NANKBROMO Tour and Travel. Let people easily memorize it, Since 2008, he was legalized to be CV.BROMOGREENWISATA.


Event Gallery

Kasada ceremony has been held and many residents from various corners witnessed the procession for the procession that was done at the time the Kasada was started 
The series of events at the kasodo are Bromo Exotica and Tenggerese dance dance. The event is a performances or performances of regional dances that can be witnessed by the vast expanse of the Sand Sea. In addition to the dances that are presented to the whole tengger society and tourists there is also a sacred ceremony that is "Inauguration of the People by Shaman (religious leaders) Tengger". 
The dances that are presented at the dance performances are a typical dance tengger dance meaningful about prosperous life, harmony and peace that exist in Tengger. Because tengger tribe is a tribe that has a striking difference that is in the form of belief, but still able to live in harmony and peace.