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is a package that is favored by young people or aged (<45) because at this age there are still many who have a strong adrenaline especially when paragliding, we present a challenge in the Malang Adrenalin Stone Tour Package and we combine stays at the hotel / at the homestay as requested by the participants. But the name is Adrenaline, if you can at a homestay or in a tent, remember we are looking for challenges but safe and decent that we adjust and we try first. before the participants wear it. Malang Batu Adrenalin Tour Packages provide a touch to establish mutualism synergy that can be united in two wills of one goal between the implementer and the actor. Later, it is hoped that it can foster and arouse enthusiasm to cooperate in a team that is mutually beneficial for the participants themselves. Interarry Tour Packages Malang Adrenaline Stone as follows: 

Day 1: Arriving in Surabaya was picked up by our team, the journey continued to Malang City and visited the culinary city of Malang (Malang meatballs). Forwarded to Coban Rondo Waterfall, Check In at Coban Rondo Homestay and Free Program. 

Day 2: After breakfast at the homestay. The journey continues to many mountains for paragliding. After being satisfied, the participants invited us to rafting through the brooding river. After rafting to the homestay for a break. If we are not tired, our participants will take to the museum and then return to the home stay. 

Day 3: After breakfast at the homestay. The journey continues towards typical East Java snacks and People's Apple Picking. Then go to Surabaya Station / Airport to transfer out. 

Optional Tour: OutBound, Jatim Park 2 / Jatim Park 1