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Indonesia is rich with mountains and mountains with various types of heights. That's why many people who like to do outdoor activities on the Mountain, ranging from climbing, trail run, camping, paragliding to cycling. Each of these activities already has a lover, but for cycling activities is still not too much. And that is also very interesting activity. For that we give some tips and tricks for those who want to try to feel the sensation of cycling on the mountain. 

1. Choosing the Right Bicycle

Why is this important? Because the bike is the main component that you will use for cycling. So you have to choose the right bike and right. Selection of this bike will affect the process of cycling itself. Well, if you want to buy a mountain bike, make sure you choose a bike that fits the size of the body. you should try to ride the bike first, so you can know whether the size of your bike and your height is appropriate. The length of your foot will also be an important factor to choose the bike that suits you. Do not hesitate to ask the bike shop attendant, because they should be able to give recommendation which bike is most appropriate for your body type. 

2. Use Standard to Safe

Mountain biking is one extreme sport, and it would be very dangerous if it is not equipped with a compact security standard. Especially the helmet to protect the head from impact when falling. In the mountains road conditions or cycling tracks are certainly uncertain, sometimes there are mounds of earth, rocks, and gravel. So you need a head protector to avoid being seriously injured in the event of an accident. To choose the right helmet, make sure the size of the helmet is not too big nor too small. Also choose a helmet that does not cover the view also does not pull the ears too hard. This will be dangerous because it can interfere with vision and hearing. Also complete additional safety such as gloves, shin guards, and arm guards. This is very helpful in case of collision or friction with hard objects such as rocks or branches of trees. At least can reduce the risk. 

3. Grow Confidence

Cycling on your mountain will probably feel strange to the tracks that must be passed. Here you will likely feel unconfident. Though the confidence will greatly affect your performance. So if there is one track section that is not convincing, better not forced. Is not something that begins with doubt will produce something that is not good. 

4. Focus and Concentration

Concentration is necessary when cycling on the mountain, otherwise you will not be ready with the track conditions ahead. Have to get used to thinking ahead to overcome the track obstacles. Do not always fixed on the difficulty of the track being undertaken, but also the condition of the tracks that are in front. That way you can stay alert and not panic. So stay focused on the contour of the track. 

5. Choosing the right gear for different track conditions

In cycling activities on the mountain, gear is an important tool that must be maximized function. Well, while on a watery track, muddy and sandy then lower your bike gear. When you want to speed up the stroke and catch up with other cyclists in front, then raise the gear to the heavier ones. This gear removal technique you can learn slowly while practicing. Or can also ask the people who are already professional. 

In general that's tips for mountain biking for beginners. If you are a beginner trying this activity, it would be nice to choose a track that is not too difficult. We recommend to try the tracks in the mountains of Bromo, because in the mountains of Bromo there are many options both for beginners and professionals.