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Before we discuss too far, it helps us to review a little about rafting. What is Rafting.??Rafting is an activity or activity to wade through a river with a rafting boat and rubber rowing. This activity is an activity that combines elements of sports, education, adventure, recreation and education. This activity takes courage and greatly boosts our adrenaline. Because this activity has a risk, but we can minimize the risk by following the guide instructions.This activity is also a group sport. That is to do it we must have a group consisting of 5 - 6 people. This sport is very prioritize cooperation and teamwork. Not only that, but these activities also need skills and understanding of the river that we will use.Interesting is not it? .. But keep in mind that rafting is one of the activities that can be said extreme and risky. But you do not have to be afraid we will share some tips and tricks (especially for beginners) so that rafting remains an interesting activity or sport, but be careful of travel companions. 

1. The important thing in remember not all the rivers can be in the location of rafting. There is a river that has easy grade rapids, difficult and even some are dangerous even untu rafter professional class. Well for beginners should choose a river with low grade or medium.

2. Note Weather, rafting in the rainy season or in the dry season is not really a problem. But must be in clay is also the river's characteristic for white water rafting. There is a river that during the rainy season can be grade 3 or even grade 5 medium. But there is also a river that when the rainy season is safe to use as a rafting because the river remains stable in safe grade 1 and 2.

3. Wear complete equipment such as life jacket, head protection helmet, also oars for the right size and exact. Check the condition before use, select the right buoy vest and fit the body size to be easy to move during the rafting activity.

4. Obey the Rules of the guide, before the rafting activity in the guide will provide safety talk or brefing first. Here will be described the tools that will be used for rafting, how to use, and instructions that will be in use during the rafting.

5. Use comfortable footwear and clothing, while rafting is likely we will fall or boat upside down whether intentionally or unintentionally therefore use mountaineering shoes and use clothes / shirts that dry quickly and do not use jeans fabric if wet become heavy.

6. Pray before rafting activity, before rafting the instructor will ask all the rafter to pray according to their respective beliefs. Because as a human we never know what will happen during the rafting activity because although the safety procedures have been made in such a way still can happen unexpected accidents.