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Tour abroad? .. What? Indonesia is very beautiful, many places worth visiting tourist attractions .. Bro, Indonesia a very charming country starting from the beach, mountain to the jungle is very worth to be explored as a tourist destination tired release.But yes what's wrong we try to enjoy the sensation of tourism abroad, so calculate counting experience, and later we share photos on social media let others in jealous .. heheheh.How? interested? .. But before you plan a tour abroad it's good if you refer to the following tips, who knows useful ..

1. Find information first tourist destinations that you will visit abroad. Where's she looking for? yes at Google's grandfather. The goal is that you are not blind at all in the area. Find information about its location, language in use, currency, transportation, including fees and more.

2. Prepare administrative equipment including passport, visa, etc.

3. Exchange your currency into local currency (the location of your destination). Instead of you looking for money changer in the area that you do not necessarily understand the location and it must be inconvenient.

4. Learn the language, at least understand even though can not pronounce. Or use English only, Because this is an international language that most people know.

5. Find Information about the embassy or police office in the area, including address and phone number if necessary. So if there are things - things that are not in want, can find the address or call the phone number.

6. If you can invite friends, relatives, or relatives who have already visited the area. Calculate -count for the pointer ..heheheeh

7. If you are still hesitate, just call travel agent who already have legality, credibility, certified of course also experienced in bringing tourists out of town ..

Remember do not travel at random ... It has been many incidents lho ... hehehSo tip from me hopefully useful .. Thanks